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Human?: Yes. Relocation: Also Yes
Where?: The East, where exactly is up for negotiation.
Titles Wanted: IT Support, Azure Administrator, Network Administrator
Wanted Salary: 40k
Industries of Interest: Tech Ed, Entertainment, Web
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Morgan Lucas
morganlucas@runtcpip.com | runtcpip.com | LinkedIn
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Security+ CE, A+CE, Azure
Gulf Coast State College, A.S, Network Cybersecurity Tech, 2011 - 2016

New Horizons Regional Education Center, Technical Degree, Introduction to Networking, 2010, 2011

Current Projects
Career & Volunteering
IT, Network, Azure Administrator, 2014 -

RUNTCPIP.COM: Technical and informative writing about 5G, Cisco networks, general tech happenings and Microsoft Azure. Avg. of 4 posts a month, about 1000 views a month. Connecting you to your resources.

Set up and maintenance of a small company using the Free Tier: Separated resources, set up addressing, set up of Active Directory with 5 users (including guest accts with limited access, and grouping of users with RBAC). Monitored resource health, set policies, planned for backups and timed updates, set up SSO for Twitter logins. (See current projects on right)

Mobile Network Support Specialist, 2013

Red Cross , 2009 - 2011

Volunteering in high school. It's what all the employers want!